Field Command Post Hegewald

From Hegewald, Himmler controlled the German colonization of the Ukraine. Large populations were deported and the lush farmland was transferred to German settlers.

More than 100 SS officers worked at the headquarters and around 1.000 soldiers provided the defense. Between the summer of 1942 and the summer of 1943, the headquarters was frequently used by Himmler, but at the end of 1943, the headquarters closed down and moved westward along with the retreating German troops.

There is today a German military cemetery in the area and at least one protective bunker.

I was a child (13) and have had a short stay on the road near the buildings of Hegewald in conection with a trip from Shitomir to Berditschew (July 1942 )

I didn´d meet Himmler - and therefore I am very thankful (upto yet) - but I was very anxious to see him suddently.