Stronghold Oddesund

Already in 1941, the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) set up air defense guns at Oddesund Bridge. The bridge was one of only three bridges that connected the two parts of the country. The German army also looked at the strategic significance of the bridge and while bunkers were cast to the air defense guns, the army build a stronghold both north and south of the bridge.

These strongholds were equipped with machine guns and anti-tank guns and anti-tank ditches and barbered wire.

The fast-paced Air Defense guns set at Oddesund was excellent against dive bomber and it was precisely the opponent they would meet by Oddesund.

In addition to the defense works, the Germans had also prepared to blow up the bridge.

Some of the bunks have now been opened as a museum, and in the summer months, there is an exhibition in the command bunker (L 410A).