Rocket Research station Rumbke

In November 1941, Reinmetall-Borsig AG, together with the German Air Force (Luftwaffe), began to build a test and development facility for their rocket production. The plant was called little Peenemünde and was initially used for the development and test shooting of the two rockets Rheintochter and Rheinbote.

Rheintochter was a 6 meter surface-to-air missile and it could hit bombers up to a altitude of 14.7 km.

Rheinbote was a short distance rocket of 11,4 m. And a range of 160 km. It would be use against troop formations, and from November 1944, more than 200 were fired against Antwerp, which the Allies had freed. However, the rockets have limited impact, with the blast head being only 40 kg.

At the end of 1944, the plant was moved to Heidelager and in February 1945 the area was conquered by Russian forces. Until 1973, the Russians continued using the area for rockets testing.

There is currently a museum on site and the entire area is decorated to the national park.