V3 testing site - Misdroy

In 1943, German engineers and weapon technicians began the development of a long-range gun called V3 (Vergeltungswaffe 3). The gun was with smooth gun tube and with a caliber of 150 mm. A number of extra chambers with combs should ignite inside the gun tube, thereby increasing the muzzle velocity to 1500 m/sec and thus reaching 160 km.

At Misdroy near Swinemünde, a gun was built for testing and in January 1944 the first test shots were held. At the same time, the construction of a larger plant in Northern France began at Mimoyecques, 150 km. from London

The trial shoots continued, even after the Allied bombing of Mimoyecques, but failed to achieve a higher muzzle velocity than 1100 m/sec and the goal of creating a guns that could hit London, was canceled.

In Misdroy, today called Międzyzdroje and located in Poland, there is a museum in the old ammunition bunker and the foundations for several of the gun are part of the exhibition.