Naval Gun Battery Vogelberg

This gun battery, with its four 138 mm. guns should protect the Hyeres bay, the beach of Almanarre and thus access to the port city of Toulon.

The gun battery was in 1943 built on the slope in the backyard to the hospital Sanatorium San Salvadour, 10 km. east of Toulon.

Organization Todt was responsible for the construction of four gun bunkers (M272) and a command bunker (M262).

The guns had a range of 15 km. and 19th August 1944 they opened fire on the French Destroyer Fantasque and the cruiser Montcalm. The ships was part of Operation Dragoon, the Allied landings in southern France, that was started four days before.

On land, French troops attack from the east and on August 21, Toulon was liberated.

The gun battery is today located on the hospital grounds and is very well preserved.