Naval Gun Battery Punta Sabbioni

To protect the entrance to Venice, the Italians built in 1915 a gun battery. Two 381 mm. guns in one armored turret mounted on a large bunker. Around the turret was barracks, ammunition depots and other installations built.

At the start of World War II, the gun battery called Amalfi was steadily operative and to reinforce the air defense, the Italians built in 1942 a antiaircraft battery 1 km. further to the south. This battery was equipped with 4 pieces 76 mm. antiaircraft guns.

In 1944, the German Navy took over the former Italian air defense battery and expanded it with bunkers. The guns were changed to 6 pieces 100 mm. Italian guns and every gun were installed in a bunker with room to the crew and ammunition.

Several bunkers were built for the crew, close defense and in both the southern and northern part of the battery, a bunker (FL277) for a search light.

The German forces retreated and left the area in April 1945.