Naval direction-finding tower MP 4

Guernsey has the most strategic location of the Channel Islands and the powerful guns that the Germans installed on the island could protect most of St. Malo Bay.

In order to exploit these guns optimally, the German Navy planned to set up six observation bunkers around the entire island.

This network of bunkers should observe enemy ships and using observations from just two, direction and distance could be accurately and quickly calculated. This information could then be passed to the guns in the various gun batteries on the island.

In practice, however, it proved very difficult to observe several ships at one time and construction was therefore stopped before all six bunkers were built.

Southeast of Gun Battery Dollmann, is Marine Peilstand und Meßstellung 4 (MP4), the bunker was built in 1942 had 2 meters thick walls and 5 floors. Observations and targeting were made through the openings in the front of the bunker.