Naval direction-finding tower MP 3

In the northwestern corner of the Channel Island Jersey, the German Navy in 1943 built a observation bunker called "Marine Peilstand und Meßstellung 3".

The bunker MP3 should be part of a network consisting of a total of nine bunkers. These nine bunkers were to be placed around the entire island to observe hostile ships. Using observations from just two of these bunkers, direction and distance could be accurately and quickly calculated. This information could then be passed to the various gun batteries on the island.

Out of the nine planned bunkers, only MP1, MP2 and MP3 were built.

The bunker, which had 2 meters thick walls, had 7 floors and the observations and the target design were made through the openings in the front of the bunker. For help in bad weather conditions or at night, a Seetakt radar was mounted on the top.

The MP3 bunker can be visited on guided tours organized by CIOS.