Naval direction-finding tower MP 2

Overlooking the lighthouse of La Corbiere, in the southwest corner of Jersey, the Germans built a observation bunker called "Marine Peilstand und Meßstellung 2" in 1943.

The bunker should be part of a network consisting of a total of nine bunkers. These nine bunkers were to be placed around the entire island to observe hostile ships. Using observations from just two of these bunkers, direction and distance could be accurately and quickly calculated. This information could then be passed to the various gun batteries on the island.

Out of the nine planned bunkers, only MP1, MP2 and MP3 were built.

The bunker was almost 18 meters high and had 2 meters thick walls. Observations and targeting were made on five floors through the openings in the front of the bunker.

The bunker was painted with camouflage, so it looked like one of the characteristic round granite towers, Jersey is known for.

In 1976, the bunker was used for coastal surveillance and a glass observation room was built on the top. In 2004, the surveillance was moved and in 2007 the bunker was converted to a holiday apartment with three-storey bedrooms, kitchen and living room at the top.

It is also possible to rent the bunker through Jersey Heritage.