Naval direction-finding tower MP 2

In the northwestern corner of the Channel Islands Guernsey, the German Navy built  in 1942 a bunker they called "Marine Peilstand und Meßstellung 2".

The MP2 bunker should be part of a network of a total of six bunkers around the island.

This network should observe enemy ships and using observations from just two of the bunkers, direction and distance could be accurately and quickly calculated. This information could then be passed to the guns in the various gun batteries on the island.

In practice, however, it proved very difficult to observe several ships at one time and construction was therefore stopped before all six bunkers were completed.

The MP2 bunker was built to look like a Martello tower, a fortification built in the 19th century on Guernsey and around the rest of the British Empire. The observations were made thought the openings in the front of the bunker and took place on four floors.

The bunker is located in a small strongpoint with several other bunkers and has a great view to the island of Lihou. 1 km. To the southeast of the bunker lies the remains of the Gun battery Mirus, equipped with the most powerful guns on the entire island.