Führer Headquarters Bärenhöhle

Russian prisoners of war began in autumn 1941 under the leadership of Organization Todt, the construction of a headquarters to Adolf Hitler, 9 km. West of Smolensk.

The area had previously served as the headquarters for the Red Army, and many of the facelities could therefore be reused. There were about 30 barracks and bunkers built. Wells were drilled, fenced fences and air guns. The railway station in the nearby city of Gniesdovo was expanded to accommodate Hitler's personal train (Führersonderzug) and a shift trail was made all the way to the headquarter.

The headquarter was given the code name Bärenhöhle (Bear cave) and was completed in August 1942. However, much has changed over a year and the location did not fit into Hitler. Instead, the area became the headquarters of the Army Center (Heeresgruppe Mitte). The headquarters remained operational until September 1943 where it was pulled west.

The headquarter, never was visited by Hitler and the bunkers that was built for him, is now scattered in the woods and is filled with water.