Gun Battery Smalfjordnes

In the spring of 1941 the German army started the construction of a gun battery at Smalfjordneset in Tanafjorden in northern Norway. The guns were four French 105 mm. guns, with a range of 12 km.

The gun battery was set with the guns in open ring positions cast in concrete and bunkers for command and defense in light execution.

The gun battery was already operational in the summer of 1941.

After Finland had signed a ceasefire with Russia in autumn 1944, the Germans began a massive withdrawal from northern Norway. 200,000 soldiers participated in operation Nordlicht (Northern Light) where all posts were vacated, houses, bridges and roads were blown up. Everything that should not fall into the hands of the Red Army was removed. The population was forced to evacuate and more than 10,000 houses, churches, agriculture, schools, etc. were burned.

The evacuation was so efficient that domestic animals were slaughtered, fishing boats were lowered and more than 20,000 telephone piles were dropped. In addition, crops were burnt and large areas mined.

As part of this withdrawal, the gun battery at Smalfjordneset was evacuated in December 1944 and the guns were blown up.