Gun Battery Scharnhorst

In 1942, the German army built a gun battery consisting of four 150 mm. guns. The guns were placed in open cast ring positions with 360° field of fire and a range of almost 25 km.

An identical gun battery was built at the same time by the coast in the middle of the island and was called Gun Battery Gneisenau.

After the Allied landing in Normandy and subsequent conquest of the Cherbourg peninsula, it was decided to move the guns from the two batteries to the Channel Island Jersey.

Here they were set up in two new batteries, Schlieffen and Haeseler, both of which were constructed field-wise and there is therefore no traces for them today.

The relocations took place to reinforce the defense against the French coast, which had suddenly become enemy territory.

After the war, the ring positions were covered and in 2008 the Occupation Society association started restoring the old gun positions.