Gun Battery Mers-les-Bains

In the town of Le Treport, 25 km. north of Dieppe the German army started in 1942, as part of the Atlantic wall, a coastal battery.

The guns that were placed on top of the steep limestone cliffs north of the city, was four 105 mm. guns placed in bunkers (R671).

To lead the fire from the guns a command bunker (R636a) were built and for defense against attack, several machine gun bunkers (vf58c) and anti-tank bunkers (R612 and 600b).

In the southern part of the city the Army started also in 1942 a headquarters for the entire area. The headquarter was called Kahl-Burg and was dug out of the limestone rock. It contained besides living and command room also observation posts overlooking the harbor.

For the very physically tough and dangerous excavation work, the Germans used prisoners of war and slave laborers. Construction continued until the area was liberated by Canadian troops in the summer 1944.

Today it is possible to visit the headquarters, which is a museum.