Gun Battery L'Escalette

The construction of this gun battery was started in early 1943. The four 122 mm. Russian guns were placed in bunkers (R669), but with the possibility to be moved into cast open ring positions, and thereby obtaining a 360° field of fire.

The battery belonging to the German army was manned by Italian soldiers, who were still under German command.

After the Italian surrender in September 1943, the battery taken over by the Germans.

In addition to the four guns, two 75 mm guns were used for close defense. These two Yugoslav guns were placed in their own bunkers (R612) protecting the the north and south access together with several machine guns.

To allocate the fire from the guns, a large command bunker (R636) was built with a rangefinder and binoculars for target acquisition.

On the outside of the bunkers, a layer of extra mortar was laid with a structure to blur the otherwise smooth surfaces.

In August 1944, the battery was attacked and conquered by an attack from the back by Allied soldiers from Morocco.

Today one of the gun bunkers is built into a building and another is removed during the extension of the road. The last two and the rest of the battery are visible along the road.