Naval Gun Battery Suomi

The construction of this gun battery started in 1943 close to the city Liinahamari in what was then Finland. The gun battery should be equipped with four guns from the Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS Prinz Eugen. This ship operated during the first World War and should not be confused with the heavy German cruiser Prinz Eugen, which was launched in 1938.

The guns had a caliber of 305 mm. was cast on the Škoda plant in Pilsen in 1910 and had a range of 24 km.

In the summer of 1944 the casting of the four gun emplacement was started, but the guns were still at Hannomaq in Hanover.

The gun battery was planned to be operational in the spring of 1945, but after Finland in September 1944 had signed a ceasefire with Russia, the construction stopped. The Germans began a massive withdrawal from all over northern Finland and Norway.

In October 1944 Russian troops moved in and after the peace agreement in Moscow, the area was after the war surpassed with Russia.

The four bunkers are today in military areas and is periodically covered by the groundwater.