Naval Gun Battery Oye-Plage

After the German conquest of France in June 1940, they set up a large number of guns in the area of ​​Calais. Perhaps in preparation for the planned attack on England (Operation Seelowe) or just to "close" the English Channel for Allied Ships. At Oye-Plage, between Calais and Dunkerque, the german navy placed modern 210 mm. guns. They had a range of 33 km. which was far enough to protect targets throughout the northern entrance to the canal.

In 1941 the temporarily guns were replaced to four 150 mm. guns and more permanent posts were listed.

Later, bunkers were formed for the guns (M270), the ammunition (R134) and a special and very interesting commando bunker. This was cast in concrete and made to look like a church, complete with bell tower and painted windows.

After the war, the Allies tried to outshare the entire battery and partly succeeded with the four gun bunks, while the Command Bunker just slipped to one side.