Airbase Vejle

The construction of "Fliegerhorst Vejle" was initiated by the Germans in late 1943. The airport was built at the small village Vandel, 25 km. West of Vejle in Denmark. 800 local residents were forced to move from their house and home to make room for the airport.

Organization Todt stood for the building, and they started quickly. Bunkers was molded, for example, for communication (L484), command (R608) and crew (R622). Hangers were built and the runway was cast in concrete. The airport was also prepared for defense with machine gun bunkers, trenches and air defense guns.

In January 1945, the airport was notified operationally.

After the occupation, the Danish defense took over the area as Flyvestation Vandel and used it until 2003.

Today a museum has been set up in an unsafe bunker built during the Cold War.